s0meone u know

420 NFTs that are coming to ETH block-chain.

Engage-To-Earn utility, that will revolutionize the industry forever...Public SALE is LIVE

P.S. The mint will be done through Thirdweb and accessible on this page ONLY!

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General information about the mint

Supply: 420 unique NFTsPrice For Public Sale: 0.069 ETH

Utility?1. Engage & Earn, get rewarded in $SOMEFor every interaction on Twitter, u will earn 1 $SOME token!In order to do so, u have to own s0meoneuknow Collective NFT & connect to our DAPP, after what u can freely continue to engage on Twitter with us, as u did before!

Instruction on "How to add $SOME to your Metamask"

Instruction how to add $SOME in your metamask

2. Stake $SOME to earn $SOME more :))By locking ur tokens on staking, u will be earning APY % & have $SOME more to spend!
3. Feature/Promote your own NFTs & pay in $SOMEYou will be able to get a spotlight on our twitter page! And also on the profiles of other influencers from our Network!
4. NFT Claims ONLY in $SOMEYou will need $SOME tokens in ur wallet, if u will want to claim those airdrops for community ;)
There is no Roadmap, but passion!
We r developing SOMEthing cool.
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Sneak-Peek :)

Reveal 4th April 🚀

You can find all the NFTs ever created
by me & our team!
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